Working Dates

Sunday @ 10:45 AM at Canine Crews - 1616 North Washtenaw with Pamela Davis | View Map | View Instructor Bio

What are Working Dates? 

This service gives you the personal attention and scheduling flexibility of private training but with the cost effective pricing of a group class. For each session we put together small groups that have common training goals and are available at the same time.  

What can we work on? 

  • Is your dog not so great with other dogs? We can work with a small number of dogs in a controlled situation to get them more comfortable. 
  • Is your dog a bit distracted around other dogs? The only way to fix this is to practice in a controlled situations like the Dates with other dogs. 
  • Do you have a puppy that needs some safe, social play but you can't commit to a weekly class? The Dates allow you to pick and choose your schedule. Since we don't allow a huge group of dogs you will also be able to get a ton of personal interaction with the trainer.
  • Looking to do something more advanced like therapy work with your dog? This is a much less expensive alternative to private training if we have multiple owners looking for the same training.
  • Or just want a safe environment for your dog to stretch their legs? We offer Doggies Dates for play with or without other dogs.

We can work with these and a variety of other issues in this format. 

Where are the Dates held?

We can conduct the Dates at one of our locations or if you have a safe environment we can work there too.

When are the Dates and how much do they cost?

The benefit of this format is that you can choose times that work for you. This combines the flexibility of private training with the lower cost and built in distractions of a group setting. The price for the 45 minutes is just $35. Far less than the $95/hour and up for private training. No discounts are allowed for these sessions.
There is a $25 fee for canceling within four days of the session.

Times for these sessions are between 10am and 12:15pm on Sundays. Because of the personalized nature of these sessions we cannot guarantee a specific time. Times will be set up by the Friday before the session.
Session Details:
Cost: $30.00
Length: 1 - 30 minute lesson
Size: up to 2

Upcoming Sessions:
Sundays @ 10:45 AM with Pamela Davis at Canine Crews - 1616 North Washtenaw
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